Contract Veterinary Specialists
Contract Veterinary Specialists,  available for your staffing needs like never before.
We offer veterinary specialists to hospitals of all sizes on various contractual levels.  If you are looking to cover a temporary position while relieving one of your full time veterinary specialists, bring in a specialist once a month to tend to your patients or fill a temporary gap while recruiting a full time specialist, you are in the right place.  

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Available Specialists

Contract Vererinary Services has a pool of over 900 veterinary specialists available to provide interim or locum tenens coverage for your veterinary organization while you recruit a permenant veterinart specialist, cover short-term absences, or build a new program or service line. We’ve reviewed their credentials, checked their references, and in some cases, worked with them for years. Every month, Contract Veterinary Services schedules more than 2500 days of locum tenens staffing coverage for healthcare facilities like yours. It’s time to put CVS to work for your organization.

What to expect ....

Great veterinarians
Our veterinarians areamongs the best in the industry, with a focus on board-certified veterinarians who are current on certifications and all have strong references you are sure to be please with everyonewe introduce to you..

Great matches
CVS employees have the experience and clinical understanding to match the skills and preferences of physicians with the demands of your open positions.

Continuity of care
Whether you need locum tenens coverage for a veterinarian on leave, immediate help while you recruit, or are staffing up to handle a seasonal peak in demand, we have the right veterinarians to ensure continuity of care and reduce burnout with your existing staff.

Preservation of your revenue stream
Veterinarians are the revenue drivers for your organization. Being fully staffed means no diversions from patient care or your financial goals, an end to patients waiting weeks for an appointment, and/or the preservation of your referral networks. All of the revenue generated by CVS Locum Tenens veterinarians stays with your organization, so the service generally pays for itself.


Efficient Service

 Providing the specialists you need when you need them.  Contract Veterinary Specialists acts swiftly on behalf of our client's to fullfil those critical staffing needs.  Whether you are in need of a specialist to cover a short term need such as an illness, vacation coverage or maybe someone is having a baby!  Regardless of the situation, We are here to help, allowing your practice to move forward without skipping a beat.

Extended Veterinary Contracts

Finding the veterinary specialists you need to grow and preserve your veterinary organization has never been more challenging. As a complement to our top-quality, quick-response Locom Tenans service our ability to arrange extended placements in which we place a single veterinarian with your organization for a year or longer taps into an underutilized pool of veterinarians. Take advantage of residents entering their 2nd or third year, for example, or veterinarians who would like to work another year or two before retiring without the long-term commitment of owning or managing a practice.

Continuity of care and strong referral networks

Your patients will appreciate seeing the same veterinarian over the course of a year. Continuity of care, as you know, can have a huge impact on patient satisfaction, particularly when it involves managing chronic conditions, mental health problems, and obstetric and prenatal care.

Your referring physicians will also appreciate establishing a rapport with specialists to whom they refer patients. CVS Extended Placements give permanent and interim veterinarians the opportunity to know and trust each other.

A boost to your recruiting
Experience shows that it is easier to recruit to a well-running, successful practice than a short-staffed group. Extended Placements can ease the pressure of veterinary staffing issues as you find just the right candidate.

A chance to test the fit
You may also want to consider using Extended Placements to test the fit of a specific candidate in a specific job to avoid the frustration and expense of recruiting a veterinary specialist who is not a great long-term fit.

Simplified administration
CVS Extended Placements require minimal start up. We work closely with each veterinarian to complete your credentialing requirements, fill out your forms correctly, and gather all necessary documentation.

Predictable overall costs
Extended Placements can also result in more predictable overall costs when compared to permanent recruitment or traditional short-term locum tenens. Extended placements can be arranged with an all-inclusive pricing model covering housing, transportation, professional liability insurance, and physician compensation.

Let us do the work for you
Contact one of our veterinarian staffing specialists to discuss your needs and priorities.

Flexible Terms

In addition to offering Veterinarians a wide variety of travel opportunities nationwide (use the above nav bar to search our jobs), we offer the following benefits:

Furnished, private housing with Full Service Housing Department Support (including after-hours)
Complete house wares packages provided with all assignments
Utilities including cable and telephone available
Mileage reimbursement & travel reimbursement, when applicable
State licensure reimbursement for applicable assignments

PPO Medical insurance effective on day 1 of assignment (Blue Cross/Blue Shield)
Prescription Plan
Dental Coverage
Vision Coverage
Life Insurance
Hospital Expense Protection Program
Transportation Benefits - use pre-tax dollars to pay for parking and transit expenses
Health Advocate - free access to a Personal Advocate who will assist in handling healthcare and insurance related issues, including finding the best doctor or healthcare facility to meet your needs.
Dependent care spending account
Education Assistance of up to $1500 annually for pre-approved courses
401(k) plan (100% vested from day one of plan start)
Direct deposit (including stipends and expenses)
Online Pay Stub and Healthcare

A veterinary dermatologist is a veterinarian with expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of animal skin, ear, hair, nail, hoof and mouth disorders. 
Specifically veterinary dermatologists have significant training and experience in the management of allergic skin disease.  Filling a need for a dermatologist can be a daunting task if you are not familiar with the current market.  Please contact us today so one of our recruiting specialists can introduce you to our available veterinary dermatologists!


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