What to expect ....

Great veterinarians
Our veterinarians areamongs the best in the industry, with a focus on board-certified veterinarians who are current on certifications and all have strong references you are sure to be please with everyonewe introduce to you..

Great matches
CVS employees have the experience and clinical understanding to match the skills and preferences of physicians with the demands of your open positions.

Continuity of care
Whether you need locum tenens coverage for a veterinarian on leave, immediate help while you recruit, or are staffing up to handle a seasonal peak in demand, we have the right veterinarians to ensure continuity of care and reduce burnout with your existing staff.

Preservation of your revenue stream
Veterinarians are the revenue drivers for your  organization. Being fully staffed means no diversions from patient care or your financial goals, an end to patients waiting weeks for an appointment, and/or the preservation of your referral networks. All of the revenue generated by CVS Locum Tenens veterinarians stays with your organization, so the service generally pays for itself.


 Benefits Access

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